Code of Conduct



StationOne provides StationOne Services for professional players of the Mobility Sector.

When accessing the Platform and using StationOne Services, Customer shall at all times act in good faith and in compliance with the present code of conduct (“Code of Conduct”).



The Customer shall comply with all applicable local, national and international laws and regulations. In particular, the Customer commits to comply with laws governing human rights and labor, health and safety standards, environment protection, prevention of corruption, public procurement, fair competition, taxation and the accurate communication of financial information.

  • Unlawful payments

The Customer is committed to the elimination of corruption, bribery and money laundering in its business transactions and undertake to comply fully with the requirements of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, the French law n°2016-1691 related to transparency and fight against corruption, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 (FCPA), the UK Anti Bribery Act 2010, the International Chamber of Commerce Rules of Conduct on Extortion and Bribery in International Business Transactions, as well as all laws applicable in the countries in which the Customer has a presence, as updated from time to time and any other international conventions, rules, regulations issued from time to time in relation to unlawful payments.

  • Gift and Hospitality

Gift” means any payment, gratuity, gratification, present or advantage (pecuniary or not), offered or received, including but not limited to presents, goods, commissions or other form or remuneration, gratuity, payments, advances, gift vouchers, shares, equities, free services, preferential treatments...

Hospitality” means any form of special amenity, entertainment, travelling or accommodation or invitation offered or received, including but not limited to meals, hotel accommodation, travel and trips by vehicle, air, train or boat, seminars, convention, invitations to sporting, cultural or social events.

The Customer shall under no circumstances provide any Gifts or Hospitality directly or indirectly to, StationOne, or to any other Customer that might be prohibited under the applicable laws and regulations.

StationOne will refuse all Gifts and Hospitality that are not of reasonable, modest and symbolic value, nor occasional, transparent and cannot be reciprocate.

  • Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest” is a situation where the Customer’s interest may interfere with its professional conduct and decision-making.

While using StationOne Services, the Customer commits to check the existence of actual or potential Conflict of Interest and to make its best efforts to eliminate such situations.

  • Trade Sanctions

Sanctions” means any laws, orders or regulations relating to trade, economic or financial sanctions or related restrictive measures imposed, administered or enforced from time to time by a Sanctions Authority.

Sanctions Authority” means (i) the United Nations Security Council; (ii) the United States government; (iii) the Canadian government; (iv) the European Union; (v) the French government; (vi) the United Kingdom government; (vii) the respective governmental institutions and agencies of any of the foregoing, including without limitation, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury ("OFAC"), the United States Department of State, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the United States Department of Commerce, the French Ministre des Finances and Direction Générale du Trésor, and Her Majesty’s Treasury (United Kingdom); and (vi) any other governmental institution or agency with responsibility for imposing, administering or enforcing Sanctions with jurisdiction over any of the parties (together, "Sanctions Authorities").

Sanctioned Person” means a person that is listed on, or owned or controlled by, or acting on behalf of, a person currently the subject of any Sanctions.

The Customer declares and warrants that neither the Customer nor any of its parent companies, shareholders with a legal or de facto controlling interest, subsidiaries, affiliates (i) is a Sanctioned Person; (ii) is violating any Sanctions to the extent that such Sanctions are applicable to its business, dealing and activities.

In the event of a change of situation where (i) either the Customer becomes a Sanctioned Person or (ii) becomes subject to Sanctions in any other manner having the effect of prohibiting StationOne from performing, in full or in part, its obligations under the present Terms (any of the foregoing, a “Sanctions Event”), the Customer shall inform StationOne by written notice without delay.

If a Sanctions Event occurs, StationOne’s obligations to perform under the Terms will be suspended until the termination of the Sanctions Event and StationOne may retain the right to terminate the Customer’s access to all or part of StationOne Services in conformity with point 4 below (‘Liability’) at Customer’s liability.

  • Export Control

In performing its obligations, the Customer shall comply with applicable local, national or international laws, regulations or similar requirements establishing embargoes or other trade restrictions on goods, services, software or technology.

Such regulations include without limitation: (i) the European Regulation of the Council n°428/2009 and any other applicable European regulations, (ii) Export Administration Regulations (EAR); (iii) International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR); and (iv) regulations and orders administered by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

The Customer is solely and fully responsible for obtaining any required authorizations and/or licenses for exports or re-exports as defined in such laws, regulations and orders.

In addition, the Customer is solely and fully responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations on hazardous substances.

  • Competition Law

The Customer must not participate in any agreement with competitors that has the purpose or effect of fixing prices, distorting a bidding process, sharing markets or customers, limiting production or boycotting a customer or supplier. The Customer must not exchange commercially sensitive information with competitors in violation of the competition laws.

  • Public procurement

The Customer shall comply with all local, national and international applicable laws and/or regulations related to public procurement, including but not limited to Buy America Act, the Directive 2014/24/EU of the European parliament and the Council and the French Law n°2015-889. The Customer shall not use StationOne Services to circumvent such laws and regulations.



The Customer undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and/or regulations. More particularly, the Customer understands and agrees that the following is strictly prohibited :

  • publish, share or circulate any racist, xenophobic, anti-Semite, homophobic, pornographic, pedophile content, or any content containing child pornography, or which equals to Holocaust denial,
  • publish, share or circulate anything abusive, insulting, defamatory or libelous, containing invasion of privacy, and more generally any content which infringes or violates personality rights of any third party;
  • publish, share or circulate anything that could offend human dignity;
  • publish, share or circulate anything that could incite to hatred, violence, suicide, terrorism, use and/or manufacture and/or distribution of illicit substances;
  • publish, share or circulate anything that could incite to crime, infraction, offense, or making an apologia of crime, particularly crimes against humanity;
  • denigrate any natural or moral person;
  • intentionally publish false, deceptive, misleading, wrong, incorrect content;
  • upload malicious content with or without a viral effect that could lead to a security breach;
  • violate or breach confidentiality and cybersecurity of personal and non-Personal data hosted on the Platform.

The above list is provided as is and is not exhaustive; the Customer shall be responsible for monitoring and/or complying with any applicable laws and/or regulations.



Customer prohibits from engaging in any unlawful or fraudulent behavior including, without limitation, harassment (including sexual harassment), bullying, or any other threatening behavior and shall refrain from inciting others to engage in any  these activities.



The Customer represents and warrants it has read the Code of Conduct and undertakes to comply with its rules and principles. As such, the Customer shall be solely and fully liable for any breach of the terms thereto.

Should Customer fail to comply with the Code of Conduct, Customer undertakes to defend and hold StationOne harmless from any claim, loss and/or damage (including reasonable attorney fees) as mentioned in Article 10 of the Terms. StationOne retains the right to terminate the Customer ’s access to all or part of StationOne Services for material breach without any compensation due to the Customer as per the conditions mentioned in Article 14.3 of the Terms, without prejudice to any other available legal or judicial remedy.



If Customer encounters a content and/or another Customer’s behavior that violates the Code of Conduct or see any fraudulent or illicit offers on the Platform, Customer may report it to StationOne using the contact form available on the Platform and provide StationOne with all the following information:

  • date;
  • if you act as a natural person: your first and family name, function, domicile address, nationality, birth date and location
  • if you represent a legal entity: corporate form, company’s corporate name, registered office, representatives.
  • Name and domicile address of the recipient (natural person) or corporate name and registered office (legal entity);
  • Description and precise location (i.e. url address) of the litigious content on the Platform
  • Legal or other grounds that may justify the removal or delisting of litigious content: please specify applicable legal provisions and/or provide detailed explanation of the reasons you require a removal or delisting;
  • Copy of notifications and messages sent to the author or publisher of the litigious content or activity on or using the Platform asking for the interruption, desist, removal or modification of the content, or evidence that the author could not be reached despite actions undertaken by Customer or External User.


In case of manifestly unlawful content as defined by French Law and French courts case law, Customer or External User may also notify the French Interior Ministry via the online reporting platform available at


In addition, StationOne retains the right to report any illegal behaviors and/or activities to the competent authorities.